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My FFL Cart, as the name implies, is designed specifically for firearms dealers in helping them overcome the challenges associated with selling and shipping of firearms. My FFL Cart was born from the simple fact that there were no decent and affordable out-of-the-box shopping cart options for firearms dealers, specifically for home-based FFL's, and custom solutions were hugely expensive. We looked, over and over, and none of the current offerings could do what we needed for our firearms business without a tremendous amount of customizations. The headache level would have been enourmous. So, we decided to make our own, and after a while it became a no-brainer that we should release this product.
My FFL Cart's main purpose is to provide an online storefront. Most people already have a website, but are now ready for a store. You cannot add "pages" containing custom content such as blogs or forums, etc. There are 1000's of tools and services built just for that purpose already and are better suited for those needs. You will be better off to just have your "website" hosted somewhere containing your custom content, etc, and then link to your store from there.
Currently, you can import from:
  • AmChar
  • Bill Hicks
  • Davidsons
  • Gun Accessory Supply
  • Hicks Inc
  • MGE Wholesale
  • RSR Group
  • Sports South
  • Zanders
  • And more to come!
And more to come!
We've not had a lot of interest for Gun Broker integration although at one point we had started to implement it, but we stopped since it wasn't clear what things people might want. They offer a great deal of options though. There's probably not much we can do to make it any easier to use than what you can already do at GB, plus it feels like if you had your own ecommerce site, posting to GB would be competing with yourself since every time you post on GB you automatically cut in to your profits due to their listing fees. If you have a specific need for an external GB integration, please let us know what it is and we'll see about getting it done!
We need your billing information because once your free trial is over, we will start billing you the $69.99 monthly fee unless you cancel before your trial period ends.
We are not a cedit card processor. We recommend Blue Dog, but you can use anyone that offers eProcessingNetwork,, or has an emulator. If you decide to go with Blue Dog, mention you are thinking about using My FFL Cart and they can give you a special promo code you can use when you sign up here that will extend your free trial period. This can only be used when you sign up and cannot be added afterwards.
We do NOT store your credit card information. Our credit card processor keeps that information and we only store an ID that is associated with your account.
It never stores the full credit card number. We only store what the credit card processor would need to look up and/or refund a particular transaction. Usually this is a transaction ID. Any data considered sensitive is encrypted.
In order to be able to import from any supplier, they need to offer this feature in some way. If your supplier does not have an import module installed, we can make one for them but we will need to be able to get an account from them in order to set it up and test it. Please contact us for more information about getting this done. We want to be able to offer this for any supplier that has this ability, but obviously we can't set up accounts at 100's of different places but we will do it on an as-needed basis.
No. Your data, as well as all of the files unique to your store are kept completely isolated from other MyFFL Cart customers' data and files. All data and files are stored in your own database and web directory. It's like you installed it on your own server, but didn't have to deal with the hassle of actually doing that. When we issue updates, each store gets updated independently of any other stores. The only "shared" files are imported product images. These files are kept in a centralized directory and linked to from your store's directory. We do this for performance reasons. There's really no need for everyone to download and keep the exact same image. Don't worry though, if someone decides they don't want to use a particular image and deletes it, it only deletes the link in their directory and not the actual image so that your link remains intact.
Easy Post, as the name implies, is the simplest way to integrate all of the various shipping APIs into one centralized set of commands. Shipping companies have some of the worst APIs out there. The documentation is often shotty and outdated and is virtually a nightmare to get working and keep working, especially with all of the extra headaches associated with shipping firearms and ammunition. Using Easy Post allows us to spend our time creating products and features for you instead of shipping. Easy Post takes care of that so we don't have to worry about it. If one of the shipping companies change something, we seldom have to do anything on our end to accomodate it, it just keeps working. Easy Post charges a mere $.03 per label, therefore if you want to print labels from your website, you simply just need to set up your Easy Post account and enter your credentials into your My FFL Cart store. If you have negotiated rates with your shipping provider, they will still be in effect.
An Easy Post account is necessary to provide real-time shipping estimates during the checkout process as well as address validation. They don't charge for shipping rates or address validation, they only charge you if you generate a label. Test labels are free too.
We provide access to a small 3rd party utility that you download and install on any computer you will be printing labels from. This allows your browser to send label image data directly to your printer. Browsers are horrible printing mechanisms unless you're printing a web page and precise formatting is not an issue. Trust us, we printed thousands of test labels from every browser on the market and none of them printed correctly. Using this utility, we can ensure that labels print correctly, no matter what operating system or browser is used to print with. Plus, it's free!

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